News and Views from the Quantum Lab published in Science Bulletin on the Quantum computational advantage Science paper from Prof. Jian-Wei Pan’s team

The Quantum Lab has just published in the journal Science Bulletin a News and Views paper on the recent quantum computational advantage demonstration reported in Science from Prof. Jian-Wei Pan’s team in China.

Here is reference to the Science paper

News and Views on Science Bulletin

F. Sciarrino, N. Spagnolo, The race towards quantum computational advantage: milestone photonic experiment, Science Bulletin (2021)

Highlight in Science News

“The new light-based quantum computer Jiuzhang has achieved quantum supremacy”

The Blog from Scott Aaronson

Projects from Quantum Lab on related topics

QU-BOSS- Quantum advantage via non-linear Boson Sampling
Funding programme: ERC Advanced Grant 2019

Funding programme: H2020 FET Open

Some related open access articles from the Quantum Lab 

Fabio Sciarrino, World Economic Forum – 1 September 2015

Nicolò Spagnolo, Fabio Sciarrino, “The race for quantum supremacy: pushing the classical limit for the photonic hardware”, National Science Review 6, 2 (2019)

Daniel Brod, Ernesto Galvao, Andrea Crespi, Roberto Osellame, Nicolò Spagnolo, and Fabio Sciarrino, “Photonic implementation of Boson Sampling: a review”, Advanced Photonics 1, 034001 (2019).

Some support videos on Boson Sampling from Quantum Lab channel