Alessia Suprano

Post-docDipartimento di Fisica

Contact details
Email: alessia.suprano[at]

Main research activities
Experimental quantum optics, quantum information, structured light, nonlocality in quantum networks.

Scientific activity
The research activity of Alessia Suprano is focused on the implementation of photonics platforms for generating and employing high-dimensional quantum states in quantum information protocols. During the Ph.D. period, she investigated two kinds of high-dimensional photonic resources: the qudit states encoded in the Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) degree of freedom of single photons and systems of n qubits in network configurations encoded in the polarization of different photons. She contributed to the implementation of a quantum walk-based protocol to engineer arbitrary high-dimensional OAM quantum states and to the investigation regarding the transmission of structured light in scattering media mimicking biological tissue. On the other side, distributing polarization-entangled states of photons in network configurations, she investigated the non-locality behavior of networks with different topologies going beyond the standard bipartite Bell scenario and the possibility of employing these networks to perform device-independent protocols. Moreover, she also employed machine learning techniques and optimization algorithms for information protocols, such as detecting OAM states and implementing real-time optimizations. Currently, her research activities also comprise the employment of quantum dot sources for the development of multiphoton experiments.
Alessia Suprano is the author of 15 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, including 2 Physical Review Letters, 2 Nature Communications, 1 Science Advances, 3 PRX Quantum, and 2 Advanced Photonics with an h-index of 6 according to Web of Science (9 in Google scholar).

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