Betrice Polacchi will be talking about “Certification and privacy for quantum networks through hybrid photonic platforms”

“Quantum networks are at the core of a flurry of quantum information tasks, such as quantum communication, quantum key distribution, and quantum computation, as well as the pillar of the future quantum internet. The most promising way to implement near-term quantum networks resides in using hybrid quantum technologies and taking advantage of different existing approaches. … Continua a leggere

Interferometric imaging of amplitude and phase of spatial biphoton states

High-dimensional biphoton states are promising resources for quantum applications, ranging from high-dimensional quantum communications to quantum imaging. A pivotal task is fully characterizing these states, which is generally time-consuming and not scalable when projective measurement approaches are adopted; however, new advances in coincidence imaging technologies allow for overcoming these limitations by parallelizing multiple measurements. Here … Continua a leggere