PhD Students

PhD students

Francesco Hoch
3rd year PhD student

Currently working on integrated photonic chip, focusing on new automatic characterization and new control method.  He graduated in October 2019 at the Università of Pisa.

Alessandro Laneve
3rd year PhD student

Currently working on quantum optics, focusing on the theoretical and experimental analysis of super-diffusive processes by all-optical implementation of Quantum Walks. He graduated in October 2019 at the Sapienza Università di Roma.

Beatrice Polacchi
2nd year PhD student

She graduated in October 2020 at Sapienza Università di Roma under the supervision of prof. Fabio Sciarrino, with a thesis entitled “Experimental robust self-testing of the state generated by a quantum network”. Currently working on quantum causality for the design and experimental implementation of device-independent protocols, to investigate the presence of non-local correlations within different quantum network topologies.

Danilo Zia
2nd year PhD student

Currently investigating the applications of quantum walk dynamics in the orbital angular momentum degree of freedom of the photons using machine learning techniques. He graduated in October 2020 at Sapienza Università di Roma.

Giovanni Rodari
1st year PhD student

Currently investigating topics related to the field of Quantum Information Theory, with particular focus on causality and nonlocality, towards possible optical based implementations of quantum networks. He graduated in October 2021 at Sapienza Università di Roma, under the supervision of Prof. Fabio Sciarrino.