Taira Giordani

Post-docDipartimento di Fisica

Contact details
Email: taira.giordani[at]uniroma1.it

Main research activities
Quantum optics experiment, Structured light, quantum information, quantum computation

Scientific activity
The research activity of Taira Giordani has focused on the experimental implementation of quantum information protocols in photonic platforms.

During the PhD her scientific activities followed two main topics. The first one was the investigation of multi-photon interference effects in Boson Sampling experiments. In this context she developed protocols for the validation of such quantum devices, one based on bosonic coalescence and others that exploited machine learning techniques. The second topic was the design and realization of quantum walks encoded in the angular momentum of light. The arrangement of this platform enabled full control over the evolution for engineering high-dimensional quantum states. Such states have been classified according to a method based on convolutional neural networks developed for this purpose.

After the PhD period, her efforts have been devoted to studies regarding transmission of light carrying angular momentum in dispersive media such as biological tissues. For what concerned state-engineering via quantum walks, she generalized the protocol to synthetize high-dimensional entangled states. Regarding multiphoton experiments she is currently working on Boson Sampling in integrated photonic devices.

Taira is author of 10 publications in scientific journals, including 1 Nature Photonics, 1 Nature Communications and 2 Physical Review Letters with an h-index of 4 according to Web of Science (4 in Google scholar).

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