World Quantum Day

Today, 14th of April, a new initiative from quantum scientists around the world has been launched:  the “World quantum day”.  The first global celebration will take place in one year, on the 14th of April 2022. The aim of this recurrence is to raise interest in quantum science’s achievements and allow a general audience to … Continua a leggere

Publication on New Journal of Physics

The generation and control of quantum correlations in high-dimensional systems is a major challenge in the present landscape of quantum technologies. Achieving such non-classical high-dimensional resources will potentially unlock enhanced capabilities for quantum cryptography, communication and computation. We propose a protocol that is able to attain entangled states of d-dimensional systems through a quantum-walk-based  transfer … Continua a leggere

News and Views from the Quantum Lab published in Science Bulletin on the Quantum computational advantage Science paper from Prof. Jian-Wei Pan’s team

The Quantum Lab has just published in the journal Science Bulletin a News and Views paper on the recent quantum computational advantage demonstration reported in Science from Prof. Jian-Wei Pan’s team in China. Here is reference to the Science paper News and Views on Science Bulletin F. Sciarrino, N. Spagnolo, The race towards quantum … Continua a leggere

Propagation of structured light through tissue-mimicking phantoms

Optical interrogation of tissues is broadly considered in biomedical applications. Nevertheless, light scattering by tissue limits the resolution and accuracy achieved when investigating sub-surface tissue features. Light carrying optical angular momentum or complex polarization profiles, offers different propagation characteristics through scattering media compared to light with unstructured beam profiles. Here we discuss the behaviour of … Continua a leggere

Computer quantistici: istruzioni per l’uso – 29 ottobre

Computer quantistici: istruzioni per l’usoBenvenuti nell’era della quantum supremacy Incontro con Fabio Sciarrino, modera Leonardo De Cosmo29 ottobre, ore 18:30 Delle tecnologie quantistiche si parla ormai ovunque ma è complicato riuscire a capirne davvero qualcosa. In un dialogo semiserio, un giornalista scientifico e uno dei più autorevoli ricercatori del settore cercheranno di raccontare cosa sono … Continua a leggere

Criteria for nonclassicality in the prepare-and-measure scenario

Quantum communication networks involving the preparation, sharing, and measurement of quantum states are ubiquitous in quantum information. Of particular relevance within this context is to understand under which conditions a given quantum resource can give rise to correlations incompatible with a classical explanation. Here we consider the so-called prepare-and-measure scenario, in which a quantum or … Continua a leggere

The PHOQUSING project just started!

The PHOQUSING (PHOtonic Quantum SamplING machine) project, coordinated by the Quantum Information Lab, just started on 1 September 2020.The project was awarded a grant of more than 3 million Euros under the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission. The project will allow to join the forces of leading European Groups involved in quantum information … Continua a leggere