“Photonic implementation of quantum gravity simulator” published on Advanced Photonics Nexus

Detecting gravity-mediated entanglement can provide evidence that the gravitational field obeys quantum mechanics. We report the result of a simulation of the phenomenon using a photonic platform. The simulation tests the idea of probing the quantum nature of a variable by using it to mediate entanglement and yields theoretical and experimental insights, clarifying the operational … Continua a leggere

“High-fidelity four-photon GHZ states on chip” published on Quantum Information

Mutually entangled multi-photon states are at the heart of all-optical quantum technologies. While impressive progress has been reported in the generation of such quantum light states using free space apparatus, high-fidelity high-rate on-chip entanglement generation is crucial for future scalability. In this work, we use a bright quantum-dot based single-photon source to demonstrate the high … Continua a leggere