Interfacing scalable photonic platforms: solid-state based multi-photon interference in a reconfigurable glass chip

Scaling-up optical quantum technologies requires a combination of highly efficient multi-photon sources and integrated waveguide components. Here, we interface these scalable platforms, demonstrating high-rate three-photon interference with a quantum dot based multi-photon source and a reconfigurable photonic chip on glass. We actively demultiplex the temporal train of single photons obtained from a quantum emitter to … Continua a leggere

SEMINAR: Quantum correlations: Where do their limits come from?

Friday 13th December 2019 at 16:00. Aula Conversi – Ed. Marconi, Sapienza Università di Roma According to quantum theory, the correlations between outcomes of separated experiments violate Bell inequalities (constraints that any local hidden variable model must satisfy). However, these violations are limited. In principle, higher violations could occur.  Since these violations have extraordinary technological applications, it is important … Continua a leggere

Review paper on “Integrated photonic quantum technologies” published in Nature Photonics

Quantum technologies comprise an emerging class of devices capable of controlling superposition and entanglement of quantum states of light or matter, to realize fundamental performance advantages over ordinary classical machines. The technology of integrated quantum photonics has enabled the generation, processing and detection of quantum states of light at a steadily increasing scale and level … Continua a leggere