Quantum Information Lab

This laboratory was born in the nineties when it was the protagonist of the first quantum
teleportation experiment. Today the Quantum Information Lab is dedicated to the investigation of
four research lines:

a) Experiments on fundamental tests of quantum mechanics to detect the gap between classical
and quantum behavior of quantum photonic states distributed over complex networks.
b) Investigation about the causal relation between quantum systems in different experiments
exploring fundamental aspects such as the wave-particle dualism or the non-locality in quantum
c) Simulations of physical processes with quantum behavior through complex states of single
photons on different platforms.
d) Study of communication protocols and quantum cryptography by exploiting photons generated
at different wavelengths with attention to the Telecom one for ensuring the optical fiber
connection of several stations over large distances.

Lab Equipment: To ensure maximum stability, adequate isolation and support, the apparatuses are
mounted on floated optical tables. The high efficiency generation of single photon states is ensured
using high-power ultrashort pulsed lasers (two MIRA 900, MIRA HP Coherent). There are five
quantum sources generating correlated photonic states, with non-linear crystals and cascading
detectors for the detection of single photons. The manipulation of the laser beam and the generated
quantum states takes place using standard optical elements and integrated optical circuits.


Quantum Foundations
Quantum Causality
Quantum Simulations
Quantum Communications

Active Projects:

QUSHIP – Taming complexity with quantum strategies: a hybrid integrated photonics approach