News on Anderson Localization

Role of Statistics in Two-Particle Anderson Localization

Nature Photonics: News & Views

The role of quantum symmetries

Andrea Fratalocchi

News on Boson Sampling all around the world

The 3D-QUEST team has reported, together with other three independent groups all around the world, a simple implementation of the Boson Sampling. 

Photon devices could outperform ordinary computers

Experiments with light confirm the need for quantum machines.

Nature – News

New Form of Quantum Computation Promises Showdown With Ordinary Computers


Victorian counting device gets speedy quantum makeover

New Scientist

Quantum Bayesian Networks

The Boson Sampling Flying Machine Race is On!

Experimental Boson Sampling

Steve Kolthammer, Justin Spring, Ian Walmsley 

For a detailed discussion the blog of Scott Aaronson (MIT):

The Boson Apocalypse