Emanuele Polino

Post-docDipartimento di Fisica

Contact details
Email: emanuele.polino[at]uniroma1.it

Main research activities
Experimental quantum optics, quantum foundations, quantum information, quantum metrology.

Scientific activity
The research activity of Emanuele Polino focused on the experimental implementation of quantum foundation tests and quantum information protocols with different photonic platforms. The research efforts during the PhD period focused on the generation, manipulation, and characterization of photonic quantum states, for their applications in wave-particle duality studies and quantum metrology protocols. More specifically, entangled states of photons in their dual wave-particle behaviors have been generated, a device-independent test of wave particle duality has been carried out. Single phase and multiphase estimations have been carried out in bulk optics and integrated device, respectively. Finally, Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) states of light have been generated and transmitted along special OAM carrying fiber.

After the PhD period, research efforts have been devoted to nonlocality tests in quantum networks like star network and triangle network, to quantum metrology protocols and OAM measurements schemes.

Emanuele is author of 13 publications in scientific journals, including 2 Nature Communications, 2 Physical Review Letters, and 2 Optica with an h-index of 5 according to Web of Science (9 in Google scholar).

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