Quantum 2.0 – Rotterdam

26 June 2024

Alessia Suprano presenting:
– TALK: Photonic quantum extreme learning machine

Beatrice Polacchi presenting:
– TALK: Multi-client blind quantum computing over a Qline architecture

Seminar team Quandela – Paris

31 October 2023

Beatrice Polacchi presenting:
-TALK: Machine-learning-based device-independent certification of quantum networks

Paraty Quantum Information Workshop 2023 – Brazil

07 – 18 August 2023

Beatrice Polacchi presenting:
– TALK: Experimental test of quantum causal influences

Giovanni Rodari presenting:
– TALK: Quantum-dot based platforms for quantum information tasks

Taira Giordani presenting:
– TALK: Certification of quantum photonic sampling machines

CEWQO 2023 – Milan (IT)

03 – 07 July 2023

Valeria Cimini presenting:
–  TALK: Deep reinforcement learning for quantum sensing

CLEO Europe: EQEC 2023 – Munich (DE)

26 – 30 June 2023

Giovanni Rodari presenting:
– TALK: Daylight quantum key distribution in a free-space channel using entangled photons emitted by a quantum dot device Journal Club for Quantum Physics and Machine Learning (Online)

30 May 2023

Valeria Cimini presenting:
–  TALK: Deep reinforcement learning for quantum multiparameter estimation

QCOMMS: Quantum Communication School – Padova (IT)

23-25 May 2023

Paolo Barigelli presenting:
– POSTER: Generation and Characterization of polarization-entangled states using a Quantum Dot SIngle-Photon Source
(Winner of the poster session competition)

QUANTUMatter2023 – Madrid (ES)

23-25 May 2023

Danilo Zia presenting:
– POSTER: Optimization of the Experimental Generation and Measurement of High Dimensional Light States

Beatrice Polacchi presenting:
– TALK: Machine learning-based device-independent certification of quantum networks

CLEO 2023 San Jose (USA)

7-12 May 2023

Valeria Cimini presenting:
– TALK: Adaptive multiparameter estimation at the quantum bound on chip
– TALK: Sub-standard quantum limit estimation precision for a wide resources range 

Alessia Suprano presenting:
– TALK: Black-box optimization in quantum information protocols
– TALK: Nonlocality detection in photonic triangle network

Danilo Zia presenting:
– TALK: Quantum Dot-based Generation of Orbital Angular Momentum Entangled States
– TALK: Regression Approach for the Reconstruction of Orbital Angular Momentum States

BQIT 2023: Bristol Quantum Information Technologies workshop – Bristol (UK)

23-27 April 2023

Giovanni Rodari presenting:
– POSTER: Experimental nonclassicality in a causal network without assuming freedom of choice