Chiara Esposito

Post-doc – Dipartimento di Fisica

Contact details
Email: c.esposito[at]

Main research activities
Quantum optics experiment, quantum interference, quantum information, quantum computation

Scientific activity
The research activity of Chiara Esposito has focused on the realization of the quantum multiphoton interference in position and linear momentum of the photons. During the PhD she characterized the quantum states produced by a photon source by exploiting quantum multi-photon interference effects in bulk linear interferometer. She witnessed the indistinguishability of a four photon states and the coherence of three photon states. Boson sampling experiments are realized by exploiting a reconfigurable integrated photonic chip. Moreover, she projected and realized a photonic platform for the realization of quantum walk experiments encoded in the linear momentum of light in multiparticle regime. The arrangement of this platform enabled full control over the indistinguishability of the input photons. The versatility of the platform can be applied for engineering high-dimensional quantum states.

After the PhD period, her efforts have been devoted to the study and realization of one-photon and two-photon quantum states in linear momentum of the light. Regarding multiphoton experiments she is currently working on realization of Bernulli factory protocol in integrated photonic device.

Chiara is author of 5 publications in scientific journals, including 1 Optica, 1 Physical Review Research and 2 npj-Quantum Information with an h-index of 2 according to Web of Science (3 in Google Scholar).

List of publications