Air-core fiber distribution of hybrid vector vortex-polarization entangled states

Entanglement distribution between distant parties is one of the most important and challenging tasks in quantum communication. Distribution of photonic entangled states using optical fiber links is a fundamental building block toward quantum networks. Among the different degrees of freedom, orbital angular momentum (OAM) is one of the most promising due to its natural capability … Continua a leggere

Exclusivity Graph Approach to Instrumental Inequalities

Instrumental variables allow the estimationof cause and effect relations even in pres-ence of unobserved latent factors, thus provid-ing a powerful tool for any science whereincausal inference plays an important role.More recently, the instrumental scenario hasalso attracted increasing attention in quantumphysics, since it is related to the seminal Bell’stheorem and in fact allows the detection ofeven … Continua a leggere