Propagation of structured light through tissue-mimicking phantoms

Optical interrogation of tissues is broadly considered in biomedical applications. Nevertheless, light scattering by tissue limits the resolution and accuracy achieved when investigating sub-surface tissue features. Light carrying optical angular momentum or complex polarization profiles, offers different propagation characteristics through scattering media compared to light with unstructured beam profiles. Here we discuss the behaviour of … Continua a leggere

Entanglement transfer, accumulation and retrieval via quantum-walk-based qubit-qudit dynamics

The generation and control of quantum correlations in high-dimensional systems is a major challenge in the present landscape of quantum technologies. Achieving such non-classical high-dimensional resources will potentially unlock enhanced capabilities for quantum cryptography, communication and computation. We propose a protocol that is able to attain entangled states of d-dimensional systems through a quantum-walk-based  transfer … Continua a leggere