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Experimental statistical signature of many-body quantum interference

Suppression law of quantum states in a 3D photonic fast Fourier transform chip

Experimental Scattershot Boson Sampling

Boson Sampling with Integrated Photonics

The Qubit Lab – Boson Sampling

When you need to do a computation, you’d probably think that a computer or even an abacus would do the trick… but when the computations get more complex, it takes a heftier bean-counter to calculate the results. In the Qubit Lab, researchers are using quantum particles like photons to make difficult calculations.

The Qubit Lab – Photonics

Researchers are working on using the quantum properties of light to do computations. This technology is known as “integrated photonics.”
Computers based on particles of light could be millions of times more powerful than today’s best number crunchers, making the hardest computations easier: things like predicting the weather, the structure of drugs used in medicine, and even cracking encryption codes!

TV Highlight on 3D-QUEST

(Rai 3 Channel)

Tg Leonardo (main scientific television news in Italy)

Rai 3 28 December 2012


“Come elaborare informazioni dall’interazione dei fotoni in un circuito. Primi passi verso i computer quantistici, in grado di lavorare alla velocità della luce”