Quantum dots

Semiconductor Quantum dots (QDs) have emerged as a new technological platform able to overcome several limitations that can be found when working with spontaneous parametric down-conversion sources.

In particular, QDs are able to operate as deterministic bright sources of indistinguishable single-photons in wavelength ranges well suited for high-efficiency single photon detectors.

This technology has been recently exploited together with integrated photonic devices thus pushing to more reliable, compact and efficient quantum computing protocols. In particular, the Quantum Computing Lab has three quantum dots from the Quandela company able to operate in two different excitation regimes that allows for the development of new and still unexplored physical effects.

Our facilities also have two different time-to-spatial demultiplexers (Quandela DMX6) which operate in an active way for quantum applications; it combines optics and electronics in a compact module and are easily connected to the quantum dot sources available in the laboratory.

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