Certification of Gaussian Boson Sampling via graph theory

Gaussian Boson Sampling is a non-universal model for quantum computing inspired by the original formulation of the Boson Sampling problem. Nowadays, it represents a paradigmatic quantum platform to reach the quantum advantage regime in a specific computational model. Indeed, thanks to the implementation in photonics-based processors, the latest Gaussian Boson Sampling experiments have reached a … Continua a leggere

The potential and global outlook of integrated photonics for quantum technologies

Integrated quantum photonics uses classical integrated photonic technologies and devices for quantum applications. As in classical photonics, chip-scale integration has become critical for scaling up and translating laboratory demonstrators to real-life technologies. Integrated quantum photonics efforts are centred around the development of quantum photonic integrated circuits, which can be monolithically, hybrid or heterogeneously integrated. In … Continua a leggere

Experimental test of quantum causal influences

Since Bell’s theorem, it is known that local realism fails to explain quantum phenomena. Indeed, Bell inequality violations manifestly show the incompatibility of quantum theory with classical notions of cause and effect. As recently discovered, however, the instrumental scenario –a pivotal tool in causal inference– allows for nonclassicality signatures going beyond this paradigm. Indeed, if … Continua a leggere

Quantum walks of two correlated photons in a 2D synthetic lattice

Quantum walks represent paradigmatic quantum evolutions, enabling powerful applications in the context of topological physics and quantum computation. They have been implemented in diverse photonic architectures, but the realization of two-particle dynamics on a multidimensional lattice has hitherto been limited to continuous-time evolutions. To fully exploit the computational capabilities of quantum interference it is crucial … Continua a leggere

NUOVE DATE – Iscrizioni aperte per la mostra delle Italian Quantum Weeks alla Sapienza

UPDATE: Nuove date per la mostra “Dire l’indicibile: la sovrapposizione quantistica”. Un percorso espositivo sulla meccanica quantistica, dalla sua formulazione alla nascita e sviluppo delle tecnologie quantistiche. Vi aspettiamo anche nelle nuove date dall’11 al 13 aprile al Museo dell’Arte Classica della Sapienza. Scarica la locandina aggiornata Prenotazioni su https://sites.google.com/uniroma1.it/sapienzaquantumweeks Un viaggio tra arte e … Continua a leggere

Dynamical learning of a photonics quantum-state engineering process

Experimental engineering of high-dimensional quantum states is a crucial task for several quantum information protocols. However, a high degree of precision in the characterization of the noisy experimental apparatus is required to apply existing quantum-state engineering protocols. This is often lacking in practical scenarios, affecting the quality of the engineered states. We implement, experimentally, an … Continua a leggere

Non-asymptotic Heisenberg scaling: experimental metrology for a wide resources range

Adopting quantum resources for parameter estimation discloses the possibility to realize quantum sensors operating at a sensitivity beyond the standard quantum limit. Such approach promises to reach the fundamental Heisenberg scaling as a function of the employed resourcesN in the estimation process. Although previous experiments demonstrated precision scaling approaching Heisenberg-limited performances, reaching such a regime … Continua a leggere

Quantum violation of local causality in urban network with hybrid photonic technologies

Quantum networks play a crucial role for distributed quantum information processing, enabling the establishment of entanglement and quantum communication among distant nodes. Fundamentally, networks with independent sources allow for new forms of nonlocality, beyond the paradigmatic Bell’s theorem. Here we implement the simplest of such networks — the bilocality scenario — in an urban network … Continua a leggere

Boson Sampling in a reconfigurable continuously-coupled 3D photonic circuit

Boson Sampling is a computational paradigm representing one of the most viable and pursued approaches to demonstrate the regime of quantum advantage. Recent results have demonstrated significant technological leaps in single-photon generation and detection, leading to progressively larger experimental instances of Boson Sampling experiments in different photonic systems. However, a crucial requirement for a fully-fledged … Continua a leggere