“Variational quantum algorithm for experimental photonic multiparameter estimation” on npj Quantum Information

Variational quantum metrology represents a powerful tool for optimizing estimation strategies, resulting in particularly beneficial for multiparameter estimation problems, that often suffer from limitations due to the curse of dimensionality and computational complexity. To overcome these challenges, we develop a variational approach able to efficiently optimize a quantum multiphase sensor. Leveraging the reconfigurability of an integrated photonic device, we implement a hybrid quantum-classical feedback loop able to enhance the estimation performances. The quantum circuit evaluations are used to compute the system partial derivatives by applying the parameter-shift rule, and thus reconstruct experimentally the Fisher information matrix. This in turn is adopted as the cost function of a classical learning algorithm run to optimize the measurement settings. Our experimental results showcase significant improvements in estimation accuracy and noise robustness, highlighting the potential of variational techniques for practical applications in quantum sensing and more generally in quantum information processing using photonic circuits.

V. Cimini, M. Valeri, S. Piacentini, F. Ceccarelli, G. Corrielli, R. Osellame, N. Spagnolo, F. Sciarrino. Variational quantum algorithm for experimental photonic multiparameter estimation, npj Quantum Information 10, 26 (2024) [arXiv:2308.02643]