OSA QIMV: Quantum Technologies in Rome from 4 to 6 April 2019

Quantum Information and Measurement (QIM) – V: Quantum Technologies Rome, 4-6 April 2019   Details at www.quantumlab.it/qim2019/ All accepted papers will be published and indexed as Conference Proceedings in OSA Technical Digest. Program Chairs Fabio Sciarrino, University of Rome La Sapienza David Lucas, University of Oxford Chairs Ian Walmsley (OSA President), UCL Irfan Siddiqi, University of … Continua a leggere

Tunable Two-Photon Quantum Interference of Structured Light published in Physical Review Letters!

The paper has been highlighted in Nature Photonics! Structured photons are nowadays an important resource in classical and quantum optics due to the richness of properties they show under propagation, focusing, and in their interaction with matter. Vectorial modes of light in particular, a class of modes where the polarization varies across the beam profile, … Continua a leggere

Pattern Recognition Techniques for Boson Sampling Validation published in Physical Review X!

The difficulty of validating large-scale quantum devices, such as boson samplers, poses a major challenge for any research program that aims to show quantum advantages over classical hardware. Towards this aim, we propose a novel data-driven approach, wherein models are trained to identify common pathologies using unsupervised machine-learning methods. We illustrate this idea by training … Continua a leggere

Experimental Engineering of Arbitrary Qudit States with Discrete-Time Quantum Walks published in Physical Review Letters!

The capability to generate and manipulate quantum states in high-dimensional Hilbert spaces is a crucial step for the development of quantum technologies, from quantum communication to quantum computation. One-dimensional quantum walk dynamics represents a valid tool in the task of engineering arbitrary quantum states. Here we affirm such potential in a linear-optics platform that realizes … Continua a leggere

Conference on Quantum Measurement: Fundamentals, Twists, and Applications 29 April – 4 May 2019 ICTP Trieste (Italy)

This conference will address recent theoretical and experimental developments in quantum measurement, underscoring common themes from the perspectives of foundations of quantum mechanics, quantum information processing, quantum optics, condensed matter physics and metrology. (Link) Topics Foundations of quantum mechanics Quantum measurement in information processing Quantum measurements in nanodevices Quantum measurement and thermodynamics Quantum metrology and … Continua a leggere

Workshop “Quantum Christmas”

Valerio Di Giulio Title: Strong coupling in electron-matter interactions ICFO- The Institute of Photonic Sciences Matteo Pompili Title: Towards a multi-node network with NV centers in diamond Delft University of Technology Francesco Graffitti Title: Enabling new quantum technologies via source-engineering technique Heriot-Watt University, UK Giulia Rubino Title: Secure communication by quantum superimposing insecure channels University … Continua a leggere


Fabio Sciarrino, PI del gruppo, è stato invitato in qualità di Responsabile Scientifico del progetto CANCER SCAN al corso HORIZON 2020 GUIDA ALLA PROGETTAZIONE DI UNA PROPOSTA IN FUTURE AND EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES organizzato il giorno 20 Novembre 2018 presso la Sapienza Università di Roma , Aula Lucchesi – Edificio Geologia-Mineralogia. Il progetto CANCER SCAN “A Body Scan for Cancer … Continua a leggere

Photonic quantum information processing: a review just published in Reports of Progress in Physics!

Photonic quantum technologies represent a promising platform for several applications, ranging from long-distance communications to the simulation of complex phenomena. Indeed, the advantages offered by single photons do make them the candidate of choice for carrying quantum information in a broad variety of areas with a versatile approach. Furthermore, recent technological advances are now enabling … Continua a leggere