Interfacing scalable photonic platforms: solid-state based multi-photon interference in a reconfigurable glass chip

Scaling-up optical quantum technologies requires a combination of highly efficient multi-photon sources and integrated waveguide components. Here, we interface these scalable platforms, demonstrating high-rate three-photon interference with a quantum dot based multi-photon source and a reconfigurable photonic chip on glass.
We actively demultiplex the temporal train of single photons obtained from a quantum emitter to generate a 3.8 kHz three-photon source, which is then sent to the input of a tunable tritter circuit, demonstrating the on-chip quantum interference of three indistinguishable single photons. We show via pseudo number-resolving photon detection characterizing the output distribution that this first combination of scalable sources and reconfigurable photonic circuits compares favourably in performance with respect to previous implementations. Our detailed loss-budget shows that merging solid-state multi-photon sources and reconfigurable photonic chips could allow 10-photon experiments on chip at ∼40 Hz rate in a foreseeable future.

C. Antón, J. C. Loredo, G. Coppola, H. Ollivier, N. Viggianiello, A. Harouri, N. Somaschi, A. Crespi, I. Sagnes, A. Lemaître, L. Lanco, R. Osellame, F. Sciarrino and P. Senellart. Optica 6, Issue 12, pp. 1471-1477 (2019)  •