Mauro Valeri

Post-docDipartimento di Fisica

Contact details
Email: mauro.valeri[at]

Main research activities
Experimental quantum optics, quantum communication, quantum information, quantum metrology.

Scientific activity
The research activity of Mauro Valeri involved the study of quantum technology for quantum communication and Metrology.
During his Ph.D., he developed integrated and bulk sources of entangled photons to be distributed in quantum networks and exploited for quantum information protocols. He addressed the problem of phase estimation by means of optical interferometers injected by single photons. Here, an integrated photonic device was exploited for an experimental simultaneous two-phase estimation and the adaptive estimation regime. He participated in the distribution of hybrid entangled states of light — involving OAM and polarization of photons — through a special fiber, i.e., the air-core fiber. Finally, he collaborated in establishing a free-space quantum channel between two buildings inside the campus of La Sapienza. This channel was firstly used to realize a quantum key distribution using a modified version of the Ekert91 protocol. Notably, this experiment exploits a quantum dot device as the single-photon source and the use of entanglement for security certification.
My current research efforts concern the development of a more stable bulk source of entangled photons, and the investigation of non-locality tests in quantum networks. 
Mauro is author of 9 publications in scientific journals, including 1 Science Advances, 1 Nature Photonics, 1 Nature Communications, 1 Physical Review Applied, and 2 Optica with an h-index of 6 according to Google scholar.

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